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Pause for Prayer

By Karen Schoeppach

Are you getting tired of winter? Do you crave warm temperatures, sunshine, and being able to have a window open for fresh air? I am! I’m a Michigan gal. I love my four seasons. Still, there is a point where I start looking forward to the next one. The end of February is that point in the season of winter. Winter is our darkest, coldest and, for me, most “indoor” season. I am ready to say “goodbye” to winter and “hello” to spring! I just need to be patient.

Dear God, thank You for the different seasons of the year. You have arranged it so, if we are patient, the change will come at just the right time. So it is with the seasons of life. Do we remember to thank You for the many seasons You have given us? Or do we only think about what we don’t like about each season, how much too long or too short a season might be, and how sad and/or angry we become when a life is cut short of all the seasons that You created?

We pray for patience. We pray for appreciation of each season of life You gift us. May we live each season of life to the fullest and spend it helping others to do the same. Hear our prayers in all our seasons. Amen.


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