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Pause for Prayer

By Karen Schoeppach

Too Many Goodbyes!

Goodbyes are almost always sad and difficult. At the end of a visit with family or friends, especially those who live far from us and whom we seldom see, we linger and give those last hugs and kisses. We make promises to visit again and not to wait so long until we do. We wave goodbye until we are no longer in sight of each other. For the most part, these goodbyes are under our control. We can decide when we say these goodbyes.

When someone dies, that goodbye isn’t under our control. We might be able to say goodbye. We might not. Those who die suddenly or far from family and friends can’t always say goodbye and family and friends can’t always say goodbye to them. Even if we get the chance, we don’t want to let go of those goodbye moments. We want to linger, to give and get those last hugs and kisses. We want to keep waving and never lose sight. But we will, we do. The final goodbye has come.

God, recently we have had to say too many final goodbyes. Or, more sadly, not had the chance to say them. While we know the ones we love are safe and whole with You, it doesn’t make the goodbyes easier. And God, we haven’t always been able to find the comfort that can come from knowing they are with You. So, we ask for Your strength to help us move forward, for Your peace to help us find rest. And we ask for Your love to help us fill the hole in our hearts. Please hear our earnest prayers. Amen


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