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Pause for Prayer

By Karen Schoeppach

Time for School ----- What!

The calendar says there are weeks left in summer. Fall doesn’t begin until September 23. Most of us look to the start of the school year to mark the end of summer. Whether it is elementary or secondary school, college, or a training program, getting back into the learning routine is an adjustment. Even for those of us with a love of learning. Educators also have to get back into the teaching/instructing mode. Fore some, this summer season was the last “free summer” they will have, as they will be looking for or beginning a job. Time for “adulting’ to begin.

Lord be with students, teachers, administrators, and education support staff as “back to school” begins. Be with all who are starting jobs as they learn what is expected and job protocols. We pray that any negative experiences are left in the past and there will be a fresh start for all. We pray in Jesus’ name. Hear our prayers. Amen.


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