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Pause for Prayer

by, Karen Schoeppach

Recently we celebrated the anniversary of our country's independence. Freedom from governance by a country far across the ocean. But not everyone has freedom. In countries all over the world, there are people with limited or no freedom. The reasons are many, but for the most part, they stem from greed, a need for power, or prejudice (religious, ethnic, gender, and/or political beliefs). So, in our 246 years of “freedom” in the U.S., we know that there are people in our country and others who do not have freedom.

Will there ever be a time when all the people of the world are truly free, truly equal wherever they live? Probably not. As long as there are people who feel entitled, privileged, or who are greedy and selfish, there will be inequality. Does that mean we give up? Do we ignore the fact that basic freedoms are not available to all? Yes, it has been a very long time and changes are not always easy to recognize. But there has been change and we need to continue to work for it and support it.

Father, so many of Your children live in places where they have little or no freedom. Independence is reserved for a privileged few. We pray they feel Your strength, Your power. Send them hope to hold in their hearts and help them as they wait for change to happen. We ask for wisdom to reach those in power who choose to deny their citizens even the most basic of freedoms. Touch them and lead them. This we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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