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Pause for Prayer

by, Karen Schoeppach

Something is missing. At least, it is getting hard to find these days. Kindness and consideration are getting lost. Oh, I know we are sending help to refugees and victims of disasters. We spotlight those who start movements and rally people around a cause.

It’s the little things. Picking up the paper that fell next to the wastebasket. Offering to help when someone has their hands full. Smiling first. Not complaining to the cashier that the store is charging too much. Putting things back where they belong.

God forgive me when I am prideful because I responded to the plea to help major concerns and forgot about the servers who were run off their feet. Place before me those little opportunities to exercise my kind and caring “muscles”. Let me be an example to others. Help me to show them that the little things do mean a lot. We ask this in Your Son’s name. Amen.


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