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Pause for Prayer

This is the time of year when many young people are graduating. Little ones may move up from pre-school to Kindergarten. Those in elementary school sometimes have a graduation ceremony as they move up to middle school. Middle school students may graduate to high school. Everyone in high school has a graduation, as do those who finish college and university programs. Graduation symbolizes leaving one stage of life and moving on to the next. It can be an exciting time and it can also be a time that brings anxiety.

Father, we pray for all who are graduating in the next few weeks. If they will be moving up to the next level of learning, give them strength to face changes and give them the support they need to find joy in what comes next. For those who may be finished with their education and are moving on to put what they have learned into practice, we pray they find a place in the working world that allows them to continue to grow. We pray that they all find success as they strike out on a new path. Each of us should offer them encouragement whenever possible. We lift our prayers to You. Amen.


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