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Pause for Prayer

After two “pandemic” Mother’s Days, how nice it was to celebrate with family and friends. Some were able to celebrate in person, while others were still using video chats and phone calls due to distance. The holiday celebrates mothers, but there are people who do all that a mother does without the benefit of the title. I wonder if we shouldn’t give them a day as well. Perhaps one day we will. Our memories of the mothers and “others” who are no longer with us fill our hearts. We offer a prayer of gratitude:

Father, how grateful we are for our mothers and for those people who care for us as mothers do. For grandmothers, aunts, mothers of friends, fathers who must be mothers as well, grandfathers, uncles, siblings, and teachers who care for us, support us, and teach us when our mothers can’t. May they forgive us when we forget to thank them. We ask Your forgiveness when we neglect to acknowledge that You have put them in our lives to guide us. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Karen Schoeppach


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