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Pause for Prayer

By Karen Schoeppach

Last week we celebrated Father’s Day. The holiday that honors fathers, grandfathers, and those who serve us in that role. My thoughts go to the daddies. My father was a daddy. What do I mean by a “daddy”? To me, a daddy does what his children need without being asked. They do it whether there is a mom or grandma present. They feed, change, bathe, comfort, and many other things. When needed, they can be a daddy to children in their extended family. Just because that's what daddies do.

Over the years I have known many daddies. It makes me happy and proud to be able to say there have been and are many daddies in my biological family and my church family. I'm so glad I had a daddy. I'm so happy for all the children who had or have a daddy.

God, bless the daddies! The difference they make in the lives of their children can't be measured. The example they set for their children and for many other people is amazing. Spread Your love over them. Share Your strength with them. Bless them with Your peace and hope. May they know how grateful we are to have them in our lives. We pray to You, God. Amen.


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