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Pause for Prayer

Father, Easter is only a few days away and some of us are losing focus. Try as we might, we can’t seem to stop thinking of work responsibilities, school and extra-curricular activities, family obligations, and how we are going to make everything work. Of course, these things are important. We can’t just ignore them. But, Lord, we need to concentrate on those days that began with Jesus spending His last hours with His disciples and ended with the discovery of the empty tomb and the realization that “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!”.

Help us to quiet the noise of everyday life and slow down so we may feel the emotion of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Touch our hearts and minds with the wonder and joy of Easter morning. We pray for peace this Easter season. We pray for unity and acceptance for all Your children. Hear us as we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Karen Schoeppach


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