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Moments of Reflection

Devotional by Melissa Woodward

It feels like since March my life has been moving at warp speed and I cannot slow down. I look back after a week and wonder when I took the time to reflect or include quiet time for prayer. I understand dedicated time for myself is important for a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. I have accepted the little moments and times I take to quiet my mind and have a conversation with God. I enjoy all aspects of church on Sunday, but one of the things I look forward to the most are the moments I take to myself during the service. I take moments to look at the cross in front of the sanctuary to think about the week and what do I need to speak with God about. Who should I pray for and what should I be thankful for? Another time I take moments for quiet is on my walk from the parking lot to my office in the morning. Every morning on my journey I walk past the American flag. And in those moments on the sidewalk a lot of thoughts race through my mind and are very broad. I think about what I am personally reflecting on about my life, but then as I look at the symbol of the American flag, my reflection focuses on our nation and what we may need to be thankful for, or what me may need to pray about. And when the flag happens to be at half-staff, I then wonder what or who our nation may be respecting or mourning and say a prayer to myself. And in those times of reflection, I often think about the week I had and realize I am not alone. For whatever reason, sometimes I am on the other side of a difficult situation, and I think to myself, I didn’t take the time to stop and talk with God and pray for his guidance and support. I went through that situation worried, when at any moment I could stop and find comfort in God. Both the cross and the American flag symbolizes to me that I am not alone. There is always somebody that loves me for who I am in that moment unconditionally and a nation that cares about and supports each other. And frankly, are also experiencing life at warp speed and looking for that magic button to press and get off the fast faced ride and slow down and reflect.


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