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Good Stewards

Devotional by Heather Heidtman

I wear a lot of different hats when I'm here at church. Most of the time I'm the Church Treasurer, but like so many of you, I put on my volunteer hat as a Bell Choir member, a Christian Education helper, and at this very moment, a devotional writer. As the church geared up for VBS this last week, I spent far more time with my volunteer hat on and much less time on my normal treasurer duties (don't worry, I still paid all our bills on time!). I got to help Brandi turn Fellowship Hall into a Jerusalem Marketplace. I provided a little help while she and Harold put the set up in the sanctuary and spent hours finding the materials we needed for the different crafts, projects and lessons that were planned. I got to spend VBS week making new friends, reconnecting with familiar faces, singing songs, dancing, and helping kids learn to "TRUST JESUS!" But as we wrapped up the first day, I quickly took off my Bible costume and said, "It's time to do my real job," and then scurried to my office to sort mail, pay bills, count Sunday's collection and process payroll.

The following day, another volunteer, who heard my comment, remarked that while volunteering with VBS took me away from my normal duties for a little while, the time spent was just as important. It took me more than a few days to understand what she meant, but to also understand why I do this each year. Bear with me as I try to explain. As treasurer, I constantly think about the future of Westminster. Are we being good stewards of the gifts you share with us? Are we using those gifts to spread Christ's love? And the question I ask the most, as I see churches in all denominations closing, merging together, downsizing, are we being fiscally responsible so Westminster is around for another 150+ years? Now instead of thinking about those questions from a financial perspective, I started to think about the children and youth of Westminster as I asked those questions. Are we being good stewards as we work to teach our youth and help them explore their faith? Are we sharing the love of Christ with them? Are we teaching them to share the love of Christ with others? Did we, have we, are we, creating an a safe and welcoming space? That even if they step away from the church, for whatever reason, that they know they can come back anytime — that there will always be a place for them, no matter how long they've been away, or why they left, or where they are in their faith journey? I think the resounding answer to those questions is YES! When we baptize, and later confirm our youngest members, we promise to guide and to nurture by word and deed, with love and prayer. I know it's a promise we take seriously and a promise we strive to keep. So many of you grew up in this church, your children grew up in this church, my children are growing up in this church, always surrounded by people who love them. People that give their time and their talents and their gifts. This is why my financial duties take a back seat a few weeks each year.

And if I'm being honest, singing songs, dancing and decorating the church is a lot more fun that looking at balance sheets and Income and expense statements!


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