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I Heard Your Voice Today

A Devotional by Melissa Woodward

With the recent All Saints Remembrance Sunday and thoughts of thankfulness during November, it has been a time to focus on the individuals and groups to be thankful for in laying a foundation of faith and love. From grandparents, parents, relatives, friends, pastors, and so many more. The individuals change over the years, loved ones lost, adding new individuals that provide new perspectives, allowing our faith to constantly continue to grow and change. A friend posted the following poem for her mother recently. How amazing that over the years we are blessed with so many special individuals in our life that teach us of faith and love, and so many other lessons, that we carry with us forever, that we teach to others, continuing to share that person’s gift or story that inspires us.

I Heard Your Voice in the Wind Today – Unknown

I heard your voice in the wind today and I turned to see your face; The warmth of the wind caressed me as I stood silently in place.

I felt your touch in the sun today as its warmth filled the sky; I closed my eyes for your embrace and my spirit soared high.

I saw your eyes in the window pane as I watched the falling rain; It seemed as each raindrop fell It quietly said your name.

I held you close in my heart today it made me feel complete; You may have died...but you are not gone you will always be a part of me.

As long as the sun shines… the wind blows… the rain falls… You will live on inside of me forever for that is all my heart knows.


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