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Hope, Hope-less

I hope

I have hope

People will be kinder

People will love more

People will share with others

I hope

But the news is full

Of happenings that

Cause me to hope - less

People take out frustration

And anger on people they

Don't know -- they shoot

a gun, drive a car

into a crowd

People smash windows

And doors to steal

Whatever they can carry

And I hope - less and less

What can help me hope - more

A group of young people

Shovel the driveways of

Senior citizens after a

Snowstorm --

I have hope

A synagogue is set on fire

And burns to the ground

The church down the street

Offers their fellowship

Building to the

Congregation for the Friday

Evening Shabbat


There is hope

A car goes into a lake and

The driver is trapped

Passerby witness the accident

And rush to the driver's aid

I hope more

Karen Schoeppach


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