New Voices, New Verses, New Writers

September 4, 2020

By, Kaye Walker

Hi Everyone:

Just in case you didn't catch my request to "watch this space" last week — I'm back with what I hope is more food for thought, but hopefully in an upbeat way. Perhaps you might call it a writing game, a puzzle, or a riddle. But for the purpose of my writing sample, it is just a good old metaphor. goes: Choose a concept, an abstract noun. For example, my word is Prejudice. You might pick your own or even use mine with your own ideas. Here are some to get you thinking: Patience, Perseverance, Purpose, Pride, etc. Other examples of abstract nouns: Compassion, Community, Truth, Alone, Friendship, Church.

I am including my example, and as I mentioned, you may use mine as a model, or create yours as a riddle, puzzle, or whatever becomes your own personal writing possibility.

Here are the directions for how I wrote my Prejudice verses:

1st verse: Prejudice is an animal...(elephant)

2nd verse: Prejudice is a food...(ice cream)

3rd verse: Prejudice is a number...(4)


Prejudice is...

A huge, overpowering and intimidating


Looming in the middle of a room

Where no one sees, cares or confronts.

The elephant itself sees with narrowed

Tunnel vision

Raising his head and trunk

Bellowing away all that is feared and strange and misunderstood.

Prejudice is...

Ice cream that has a bad taste

no matter what your favorite flavor.

Coming in bulk containers,

Holding enough to feed all those clamoring

For a taste

That cold, rich ice cream

swallowing easily,

Savored as an innocent treat.

Yet when taken in/eaten too much — to fast...

Brain freeze.

Prejudice is...

The number 4.

One's thoughts, feelings, relationships,


Sharply downward

Until hitting that 

Decisive angle, that hard turn to the right

Turning poor judgment across

That narrow line

Leading downward even further...

Further into opinions of hurt, anger, ignorance.

Into the pits of...


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