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As Social Distancing Ends, Will Personality Type Affect How We Re-engage?
The Wired Word for May 12, 2021

In the News

"When the social floodgates open, not everyone will want to use their newfound freedom in the same way."

That's the subtitle of an April 27 article in The Atlantic. It projects that as vaccinations rates go up and social-distance and shelter-in-place restrictions are finally withdrawn, people will use their freedom differently, depending on where they are on the introversion-extraversion spectrum.

The article is not so much a detailed explanation of how those two personality types interact with the world as it is a dialog between an interviewer and one woman who is an introvert, and another woman who is an extravert. Prompted by questions from the interviewer, the two explain how they personally will respond when social restrictions are removed.

Extraversion and introversion, terms coined by psychiatrist Carl Jung, are not synonyms for, respectively, "boldness" and "shyness." Rather they refer to opposite ways of recharging one's emotional batteries. In general, extraverts get recharged by being with people. Introverts find renewal by spending time alone or with one or two intimate friends. Introverts, no less than extraverts, may have many good friends. Unlike extraverts, however, introverts prefer to be with their friends singly or just a few at a time; they don't want them all together at once. 

Introversion and extraversion are not absolute personality settings. Very few people are 100 percent one or the other. Rather, introversion and extraversion exist on a spectrum (or more likely, a bell curve). There is also a middle position on that spectrum where a person could be an ambivert, one whose personality has a balance of extraverted and introverted features.

A few of the “Big Questions” we will explore:

How does understanding yourself aid you in your human relationships? Is a deep level of self-understanding likely to make you more or less judgmental about others? What social activities are you planning to do as soon as it is judged safe (or reasonably low-risk) to do? Why? Or are you already doing them?

Confronting the News With Scripture and Hope - Here are some Bible verses that will guide our discussion:

            Exodus 4, Luke 15, Matthew 26, Lamentations 3 to name a few.

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