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2020 Brings Boozy Twists on Advent Calendars and Wreaths
The Wired Word for December 2, 2020


In the News

If you typed "Advent news" into Google or Bing this past week, the links those search engines presented at the top of their results lists had to do with alcohol.

Given that Advent is a pre-Christmas liturgical season observed by several Christian denominations, and that some denominations, such as The Salvation Army and the Nazarene Church, ask their clergy and members to abstain from all alcohol, the pairing of "Advent" with "alcohol" seems a bit surprising to some Christians.

In churches that follow a liturgical calendar, Advent, which begins four Sundays before Christmas and continues until Christmas Eve, marks the start of the church year. Although it runs concurrent with a period our culture thinks of as "the holiday season," Advent's focus is not on Jesus' birth but on expectant waiting. 

Advent takes its name from the Latin Adventus Domini, which means, "the coming of the Lord," and it looks at the Lord's coming in two time frames: First, the season commemorates the time before Jesus' birth when people were waiting for a messiah. Second, it highlights that at the present time, the church is waiting expectantly for the return of Jesus. Thus, in Advent-speak, we are currently living "between the advents," and Christians are encouraged to use Advent as a time to prepare their hearts for the coming of the Lord.

The Christian faith only makes sense when you know how the story comes out. Confidence and hope, both hallmarks of Christianity, are pointless if the end of the story is tragedy. But they are fully justified if at the end God wins. 

And that's precisely what Advent proclaims. Whatever agonies and hard times our world may go through, however much life may be viewed as a struggle between good and evil, in the end, God wins. In addition -- and this is vitally important -- those who are faithful to God in this life stand with the Victor. Whatever pains and losses we may experience in our lives, they never have the final word. God does, and to those who cling to him, that word is gracious. 

The Big Questions

1. Why might the Advent message be especially important this year?

2. If your church is meeting remotely at this time, what are you doing to "get together"?

Confronting the News With Scripture and Hope - some of Bible verses we will use to guide your discussion come from Jeremiah, Luke, Acts, and 1 Corinthians.  

Remember if you are interested in just one’s week’s topic, and not another week’s you are always welcome to drop-in for that week. Please contact Rev. Linda either by email ( or phone (686-1360) to receive a Zoom invitation for this week’s gathering – Wednesday, December 2nd at 1 PM 

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