The Wired Word ZOOM gatherings here at Westminster began about two years ago.  It met a significant need during those months of pandemic isolation to make meaningful connections with each other and with God.  Although our focus was to discuss a recent news event, we did so keeping in mind how our Christian faith speaks to the news stories of the week.  Now that didn’t mean we always saw and interpret current events in light of our faith in the same way, but it did mean we had an opportunity to thoughtfully consider and learn from each other.    

Now that we are having more opportunities to meet face-to-face at church or in other small community groups of interest, The Wired Word gatherings are coming to an end.  We will continue to identify and make opportunities for informal Zoom gatherings for those who have expressed an interest in gathering for conversation and fellowship.  Those who have already expressed an interest, we will be in touch via email.  

The Wired Word has been a meaningful spiritual and faith journey for many, for me.  I know I have enjoyed the many ways the week’s gathering for discussion of a current news event, relevant Bible passages, and our conversations have strengthened my faith and helped me considerer how “current events and faith intersect.”

Any questions or thoughts, please call or email.

Grace and Peace –