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This week's Midweek Chat is a

pastoral search update from the moderator

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John Tapley.

September 17 Devotion

Karen Schoeppach

I love words! They are like a magic wand for me. Whether you hear them, say them, read them or sing them, they can convey so much.  Aaah!” you say, “What about when someone says, ‘I have no words,’ or ‘I am speechless,’ or ‘I don’t know what to say’?”  To this I reply, “You do have the words.” Perhaps you have been caught off guard. Maybe you think your words aren’t right for the situation. Sometimes we think that words just won’t adequately express our feelings.

Saying “I’m sorry” when there is loss or tragedy or “Thank you” when you feel gratitude is enough. Our words don’t have to be elaborate, nor does what we say need to be lengthy or “scholarly”. To be truthful, to be sincere with our words serves us best.


Are there words that should not be used? Yes, of course! Angry words, hurtful words, words meant only to demean or disparage should never be used. We will use them. We are human and our emotions get the best of us sometimes. Words, once they are “out there”, cannot truly be recalled. You can say you didn’t mean it.  You can give a heartfelt apology. But the bell, as they say, can’t be unrung. The words remain in the recipient’s memory even if they practice forgiveness. The words change things, even if only slightly. Children will sometimes say, “Take that back!” But it can’t be done.  No matter how badly we want it to be.


Words can comfort us, bring us happiness. Words can take us away from our everyday existence and transport us to another time, another place. Words can cause us pain or feed our anger. Words can bring us heartache and sorrow. The words we say and the words we hear can have a positive or negative effect.  Choose carefully and thoughtfully.


God, we ask that you help us to remember the importance of our words. Guide us as we choose the words we speak. Make us aware of the ways our words can touch others. In Your Son’s name. Amen.

 — Karen Schoeppach

Adult Spiritual Formation Resources

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New Writers

Bible Study on the Book of James

(Formerly known as Sunday School...moved to Thursday reconvening...!)


Join us Thursday, September 17 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom; we will be meeting for a focused Bible study on the New Testament Book of James. 

Michael E. Williams writes in the Immersion Bible Study Series that “The Letter of James as a Rule of Life – everyone lives by some set of guidelines, stated or unstated. There are rules of the classroom and the workplace.  There are practices that prepare us to play sports or participate in the performing arts, and there are rules that govern our behavior when we take part in these activities.” So what are some of the rules you live by? Click here for more information.


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