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Sunday Morning Bible Study


Late last spring a small group of folks asked that in the fall we begin a Bible study focused on just one book of the Bible and to take our time reading it together and discussing.  And so, the Sunday morning study of the Gospel of John was born.  We took our time – many weeks actually – and completed our study of John the Sunday before Ash Wednesday.  And now that we have celebrated Easter, what better way to begin a new study of a Bible book then by focusing on the book of Ephesians, using as our study guide the book – Practice Resurrection – by Eugene Peterson.  In the introduction to his book, Peterson calls the book of Ephesians one of “soulcraft”– the formation of a mature life in Christ. He writes: “All of us are born.  No exceptions.  Birth brought us alive into a world that is vast, complex, damaged, demanding…and beautiful….Jesus used the birth event as a metaphor for another kind of birth: becoming alive to God…vast, complex, damaged, demanding and beautiful.  Alive to God’s holiness, God’s will, kingdom, power, and glory.” 

Please don’t hear this as too abstract to have practical value in our everyday living – that is the beauty of Eugene Peterson’s writing and the beauty of the book of Ephesians.  “The Bible is not a book to carry around and read for information on God, but a voice to listen to.” 

If this sounds intriguing to you, as well as practical in how you want to live your everyday life, come join us on Sunday, April 14th at 9 AM in the Conference Room.  Please call the church office or see Rev. Linda with any questions. 

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