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COVID-19 Update

August 5, 2021

COVID continues to affect our world, our country, and our church community. Changes seem to come rapidly and don’t always go in the direction we hope. Please feel assured that your Westminster leadership continues to monitor these fast-moving changes and maintains the same motivating concern – keep our congregation safe!!


We give thanks to God that, as far as we know, no known cases of COVID have originated from exposure within our church.


The COVID Task Force and Session continue to use the latest information and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, the State of Michigan, and the Bay County Health Department in making our decisions. The guidelines and precautions we’ve followed, have been put in place for what we believe has been the best interest of all of our parishioners and guests. That includes children under 12 years of age who are not eligible to be vaccinated, and those adults who, for reasons known or unknown to us, are not yet vaccinated. Continuing to wear a mask when we are indoors is a small price to pay to ensure our church family remains safe.


As of the first of August, masks are still required when we gather in the church building, for worship, for meetings, or for other events. Masks are optional during outdoor gatherings. Whenever protection guidelines change, we will inform you as quickly as possible on Facebook, the church website, during our worship services, and in the monthly Log. You may also call the church office or members of Session with any questions or for more information.


Thank you for your understanding and patience. We all look forward to the day we can worship, sing, hug, and be together safely without any of the recommended precautions.


Westminster COVID-19 Task Force Members:

Bonnie Marsh, Julie Kelly, Phil Reagh, Jan Witucki, Rev. Jamie Milton


Westminster Session Members:

Pam Binder, David Fenske, Jack Gustafson, Brandi Higgins, Julie Kelly, Bonnie Marsh, Aaron Morse, Judy Randall, Phil Reagh, Dawn Reszke, Karen Schoeppach, John Tapley, Melissa Woodward

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