Adult Bible Study

"First and Second Samuel"

book by David C. Hester

Join us Thursday, July 15 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom


This week is the third session in our Thursday evening Bible study of 1 & 2 Samuel which is also our summer preaching series. Second Samuel 7 is the pivotal chapter in the story of David. It records what for later generations was the most important event in his life, the Lord’s covenant with David and his descendants that they would occupy the throne in Jerusalem “forever.” The promise comes at the high point of David’s life, after he has united the nation, moved the ark to Jerusalem, put an end to external threats, and before his serious troubles began.  


Now before you think this sounds like a boring history study, it is filled with drama and suspense. This passage brings us close to the roots of important aspects of the biblical understanding of a messiah, including the roots of the New Testament understanding of Jesus as the Messiah.  


In addition to looking into the historical aspects of the text, we will look at what this passage has to say for our lives.  Questions like –

How do you understand God’s “promise of steadfast love forever?”  

Are there limitations to “steadfast love”? “Forever”?

Is “grace” cheap? Or is it costly?


Please call the church office (686-1360) or Rev. Linda with any questions or to receive a Zoom invitation for Thursday evenings study.