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Adult Bible Study


There are many people in our lives whom we love: family members, friends, church members, co-workers, and pets. The ways we show love differ for the various people in our lives. The Hebrew word for love, ahava, is connected to the word meaning “to give.” Here, love is not simply a warm fuzzy feeling, but a giving of oneself. There are three common Greek words for love: eros, romantic or sexual love; philos, familial or platonic love; and agape, a deep sacrificial love that acknowledges the humanity of another. Jesus’ threefold command to love God, others, and self is more of a cyclical dance than an instruction with three discrete subtypes. It is the same giving of self (ahava) love that is to be given to God, neighbor, and enemy.

We love because God loves us first. God’s love is foundational to our call to live into the Greatest Commandments: love God and love our neighbor as ourself.  If we are honest, some people in our lives are difficult to love. However, if we can expand our understanding of love beyond feelings of affection, we understand that loving God, ourselves, our neighbor, and our enemy is not just possible but imperative.

Thursday, March 2nd : Love Extravagantly—Jesus’ teaching on love from his Sermon on the Plain, expands the traditional understanding of love in extravagant ways and includes the oft-quoted Golden Rule.

Thursday, March 9th : Serve a Stranger—In the Hebrew scriptures, the prophet Elijah prevails upon the kindness of a poor widow, and she serves him, as a stranger, from her meager food rations. Her service is rewarded.

Thursday, March 16th: Show Mercy—Two texts give glimpses into active choices to offer mercy: 1 Samuel 24 highlights David’s choice to show mercy to Saul; Luke 23:32–43 depicts Jesus in conversation with one crucified with him, and he promises mercy and paradise to the repentant.

Thursday, March 23rd: Be Courageous—In the books of Acts we read about the early Christian, Stephen; his voice and ministry, commitment and courage to serve others and stand up to religious leaders has been an inspiration to Christians down through the centuries, even to this day. 

Thursday, March 30th: Live Peaceably—In the book of Romans, Paul challenges Christ- followers to live their faith with genuine love, humility, mutual joy, and peace.

Please call the church office to pick up your book; we gather each week at 7 PM via Zoom.  Any questions, please contact Rev. Linda.

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