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During worship on January 2, 2022, the congregation received their "star words" for the year. This is a word that you look at everyday, and reflect upon its meaning and invite God to speak to you through this word. My “star” word is “tenderness”. I had a tough time finding the definition. I could find the word “tender” but not “tenderness”. So, I did what many people do (but I usually forget to do). I googled it. Oxford Languages defines it as “gentleness” and “kindness”. Sounds good to me! If I can go through life exhibiting tenderness, I will be well on my way to showing God’s love with my actions. I hope I treat people with tenderness when it is needed. I hope my words are said with tenderness -- even when I must use strong words of discipline.

Heather’s recent devotion mentioned her “star” word. Her word turned out to be just what she needed. How are you feeling about your “star” word? Was it perfect from the start? Were you disappointed in the word you received? Did you hate it? Or, maybe, you weren’t too happy when you picked it up, but it has grown on you.

In the February 2022 Log, there was a note encouraging everyone to write about their “star” word. Jotted anything down yet? Scribbled something on that freebie note pad that came in the mail? Maybe you skipped that article. Maybe you dropped the Log on the table as you came in the door and haven’t gotten a chance to read any of it yet. Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t like to write. Or you don’t think you are particularly good at writing.

If you can think and talk, you can write down the words that make up your thoughts. Some have an easier time putting words together on paper. As with other skills, everyone has a different level of ability. And improvement follows practice. If you don’t try, you don’t really know what you can do.

If you have been reading the devotions on Westminster’s Facebook page, you may feel your writing doesn’t meet the standard those writers have set. Sometimes those writers have doubts about the quality of what they have written. They wonder if they got their point across. Should they have said more? Should they have said less? Was there a better way to express their thoughts and feelings? Usually, everything is fine, and a rewrite is unnecessary. It’s just doubt creeping into their thoughts.

Most importantly, the things you write are just for you. Only you will read your writings unless you show it to them. What you write, how much you write, and how often is up to you alone. No need to worry about grammar, spelling, or incomplete sentences. So, if you are having flashbacks to 9th grade English -- let it go!

I’m not saying you have to start a journal. I certainly don’t expect you to write a novel. Just, now and again, as the spirit moves……….when the thought crosses your mind…… think back on the day or the week and look for those times that you can connect to your “star” word.

Give writing a try. You just might find that you like it!

Karen Schoeppach


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