New Voices — New Writers

by, Kaye Walker


A couple of Sundays ago, one of the selected hymns was “This is my Story”.  I felt that it was the perfect title for this particular piece of writing. So…THIS IS MY STORY:

Holey jeans – Holy jeans? Great comfort and “relaxed fit”, worn almost every day during this whole last year of Pandemic. Pierced ears: Holey ears. Can I still pierce that piece of wire through – again – After this very long year?

Jeans, no earrings, baggy, comfy warm shirts…my attire since last March...  Pretty much.  The Pandemic Years…So painful, so hurtful and challenging for every single age group. Moms and Dads, school kids, “socially more inclined” young adults. You probably catch my drift!! The elderly who cannot hug their grandchildren, nursing homes, minorities with a myriad of health, economic and educational challenges… and now the most vulnerable to this “new normal”. Fears, loss, waiting patiently (or not). At least for that hug.


But today is different. It is one year later and three hopeful vaccines flooding our towns, schools and clinics bringing, however slowly, Hope…Gratitude…New beginnings. Which brings me here. Back to more writing, back to church, and my very special church family. Last Sunday was my first since a year ago in March. Not even Christmas. I came back to a place where we wear masks, sit 6 feet apart, are limited in numbers, but we are back and feeling safe. Please bear with me as I share one of my special moments with my youngest granddaughter, hopefully you will understand as I wrap up this “Story”.



For one more day –

I would snap your picture


One arm stretched out over your head, wrist bent

Little girl’s hand pointed and curved

Like a dancer.

Hips cocked in a “jazzitude” saying:

“come on Grandma, stand up!”


You are in your neon pink costume and tights with bright pink cheeks.

Standing on your own dancer carpet space with a myriad of

Bags, hair spray and costumes

Your ponytail is pulled tight, sprayed with sparkles

You stretch into splits, toes pointed and fingers arched.

Music is playing the song…”Butterfly Kisses”.


“come on Grandma, stand up!! (Again ).

And then we dance.

Butterfly kisses and believing in Love

For one more day.


So, as we soon approach the pain and sorrow of Jesus’ crucifixion and ultimately His Resurrection, let me bring the challenges of the pandemic to the place we believe is “His Story”… Jesus’ story of supporting us, challenging us, guiding us through whatever today and the tomorrows bring.

I share Butterfly Kisses with you because this is the story of a little girl that “brings me to my feet to dance.

She loves without question and follows Jesus’ path wherever she goes. She brings others up to do good for those in need, she is a model of how to fight her way through pain and challenges and learn the lessons it takes some of us a lifetime to learn.


She has her story yet whatever the “shoes”… ( just like our Lenten Series - Lent in Plain Sight- has talked about ) ballet slippers, track shoes or pool sandals, they are always “Sandals”.  Her shoes, our shoes, whatever they are they are the sandals that Jesus says: “As shoes for your feet put on whatever will make you ready to proclaim the gospel of peace.”

                                                                                                            (Ephesians 6:14-15)

So, as I need to wrap this all up I need to share what I know:  That there is a special pair of sandals that seem to fit the caring and very special people in this community of Westminster Presbyterians. People who in so many ways use their sandals to help those in need in so many meaningful ways. We are a people of hope, determination in tough times.  We are a people who often want to help but don’t know how or what “sandals do I put on”?  I am so grateful, thankful and safe-feeling in this place.  I don’t do nearly enough but my mind is open, I try to listen in my heart to ways to give.  Sometimes it feels difficult for me to express feelings of safety and gratitude that Westminster Presbyterians give, yet ever so thankful and ever so grateful when they put on whatever style sandals they are wearing each day. It definitely has had its effect on me.


But for now:


Easter is coming. A time for hope. Jesus is here. Listen, hear, be ready to do something. I am trying. I am so grateful. I definitely have some very worn sandals from many joyful and many difficult challenges.   But today I dance. My granddaughter told me to. I give thanks to God for leading me to this place and for holding on to my “Well-worn sandals and dancing shoes. Again, I dance.


Kaye Walker