New Voices — New Writers

by, Kaye Walker


Recently, there was a documentary on PBS describing the life of Ernest Hemingway. I only caught a few segments of the first two episodes, but learned a few interesting and often quite painful facts about his life and experiences during his childhood. My favorite quote of his has always been: “The world breaks everyone, only some are mended in the broken places.’ He also said, when asked about how and why he wrote to always…”write one true sentence.  The rest will follow”.

For me, both quotes speak to truth. My truth. Maybe yours. Maybe more of us share these aphorisms on truth than we would like to think. Certainly, there are many of us who might find that these quotes help us discover ways to hold on to hope, discover a meaningful purpose, and maybe learn where that “one true thing” might lead us, either in a richer personal life or by showing us a stronger faith journey.


For example: Mended – How ? One True Sentence?         

Maybe we just stay the course or stand stronger where we are. Maybe we find our way to change directions. Have you written, felt the relief, strength of discovery, of a new way for self-expression, or even sharing? How about a new awareness of a life-changing moment or taking that big step?                                                        

I doubt that any of us escape a full life without experiencing a few of those “Broken Places” that Hemingway refers to. I would like to say that I also see the connection, the message in another meaningful way.  Jesus. His words guide us in a very similar way when he says: “Put on your sandals and follow me.”


Truth, purpose — whether written, spoken, or guiding our steps walking towards that One Truth — our directed purpose, they all speak in some way, perhaps through some new challenge —

To mend. Find truth. Find purpose.


I would like to share a few verses from an essay that my grandson won an award for when he was twelve: I took his written essay and pulled out the main theme and message creating a found poem:



“Throughout history, mankind has suffered through and experienced numerous emotions each distinct in its own way”



Determines the outcome of the battle,

The next national champion

The leader of a better world.


Takes passion, determination

Fighting doggedly on

Against enormous odds.


Brings sweet success


Utter defeat.


Triumphs against struggles, sorrows and fear.

No cowering or quitting

No giving up on life.

Just waiting until…

The right time to appear.

Excerpted from Essay on Courage by Ryan Haag


For me, all that I have written and shared today is that they all require courage. Putting on those sandals, stepping into the unknown, the brink, that path that Jesus wants to guide us on… That  Jesus chooses for each and everyone of us…


“Come, follow Me”

Kaye Walker