Partnerships From the Heart
Save the Date: September 18

All of us have gone through many changes in the past two years, but the good work that WPC has been able to do through our Mission Partnership Committee did NOT change. We continued to provide valuable and precious gifts to fulfill needs and obey the teachings of Christ -- to love our neighbor and take care of the needy.

Over the past few years, your charitable gifts, funneled through the Mission Partnerships Committee, provided donations/services to:

Food of Faith

Good Samaritan Rescue Mission

Bay Area Women's Center

Child Abuse and Neglect Council

Salvation Army

Economy Thrift Center

Children's Grief Center

HHS Foster Care

Habitat for Humanity

Forgotten Man Ministries

Missionary support PC(USA) Mission Co-Workers

To rejoice in successes and deepen our understanding of community needs and the partners who help meet those needs, we are hosting Partnerships From the Heart. Sunday, September 18 during our regular 10:30 a.m. worship service will be a celebration of the good work Jesus has directed us to do.

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