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Railroad Tracks


1-Step   2-Steps  –  STRETCH

1 Step   2-Steps  –  STRETCH


And so on…

As a little girl, I would walk home from school on the railroad tracks. Sensing their rhythm and permanency, yet a unique beat all their own; they were my railroad tracks, at least for the moment. Whether rain, shine, wind, or snow, just like the postal workers! My railroad tracks, my way home.




Step, step, stretch - with a hop and a skip

And along the way —

The Jewish bakery, the “regular” bakery, the dime store owned by my father. I could always count on getting 15 cents for a Coke and potato chips meeting up with my friends next door at the “Happy Day” drugstore. Coats, books, scarves, and all the other clutter stacked up on one booth and giggling teens scrunched into another…


much more to be told…


Today I walk on the riverwalk, my favorite place.

I walk in the rain…Irene, floating logs, pure white herons hidden in the tree branches.

Maybe a jogger or bicycler, a mother with a stroller, yet quiet and peaceful.

Once again,

not railroad ties and irregular footsteps, but the wooden planks of that same rhythm, permanency.

Me…I am at peace…for the moment, no matter the weather.

It can be cold, sleety, rainy, or…

just that mystical mist rising up from the marsh.

But, it is a moment…the time between the seconds

or the moment when a door opens or closes.

A time of reality, or creativity. What comes next or what doesn’t.

This is my best time for remembering words, phrases, memories to put down on paper.


“To be the poem I should have writ.”


1-step  2-steps — and so on.


In Parker Palmer’s book: "On the Brink of Everything", he quotes Henry David Thoreau when he says:

“My life has been the poem I would have writ.

But I could not both live and utter it.”


He (Palmer) continues with: “And there is so much to say but time keeps taking time and all your words away.”

  • Do you remember your first life changing moment?

  • Is there one of those moments that you either have shared or want to share?

  • Many of us have or had family, grandparents who shared Depression stores. How about our “Pandemic”. Any anecdotal experiences to share?


As we approach our Lenten season I will be sharing aspects of my journey…”my poems I should have writ”…and some that I actually did write. I want to share so that you too, know that you are invited on this Lenten journey to share, to connect and maybe to better understand…The Way of the Cross…As His story is told.


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